Katana Mystical Journeys

Katana Mystical Journeys was born from our passion to travel and explore. Our desire is to share the magic, mystery and high vibrational places Mother Earth has to offer, with people whose soul longs to be enlightened, healed, and every-expanding.

We are all co-creators in this universe, with the right intention, and the law of freewill, we cannot only pursue healing of self, but also consciously healing the Earth’s energy through ritual, group meditations and visualisations for peace.

Founders of Katana Mystical Journeys, Kata Arapovic and Mariana Parsa, have been travelling our magnificent planet for over 20 years.

Driven by our yearning to see the world and experience different cultures, places of natural wonder and historical significance, be immersed in high vibrational energy vortex’s to experience the magical and sacred.

We have experienced miraculous healings, our souls have awakened and our lives transformed forever.

We now invite you to share our unique experiences with you, as your Higher Self longs to be released from the shackles of everyday life, to experience transforming healing, and to follow your destiny.

Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, journey with us.

In service, Kata & Mariana xx

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