Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to help people.  I could empathise with others, I could feel their pain.  I now know that I am an empath and have claircognizant abilities.

Life has given me a lot of experiences, including traumatic ones, that at the time I couldn’t understand, but now I can see they were my learning ground, teaching me many lessons I had to learn so I would be able to help others.

I’ve been interested in the energy of crystals for some time now and having experienced their power, I was keen to learn more so I could not only help myself, but others too.

with ElisabethIn April 2016, my husband and I journeyed to John Of God in Abadiania, Brazil.  I’d been listening to the “father of inspiration”, Dr. Wayne Dyer, for some time and had a strong urge to visit John Of God and experience the healing powers of the Entities.  We both received miraculous healings and our lives have been transformed. 

We were fortunate to be granted permission from the Entities to bring back a crystal healing bed, so now I’m able to help others by offering treatments in my Crystal Healing Centre.


I consider myself very fortunate and am humbled by the opportunity to help others which is why, with the help of my loving husband and family, I’m able to open my crystal healing centre and offer treatments that are affordable, as I believe crystal therapy and healing should be affordable for everyone.


Photos us with John Of God

I look forward to meeting you soon at the Crystal Healing Centre 


Mariana Parsa, Lightworker