John Of God Crystal Bed

The John Of God Crystal Bed, also known as an advanced chromotherapy bed, is a spiritual treatment created by John of God in Abadiania, Brazil, through the instructions of the Entities.  It uses seven high quality clear quartz vogel-cut precision crystals to focus coloured light beams directly to your chakras.  The crystals alternating light beams create a balancing effect on your energy body, clearing, cleansing and balancing your body as you lay on the bed in a relaxed and semi-meditative state.


Benefits of John Of God Crystal Bed Therapy

  • Balances and cleanses your chakras from any negative energies that have become attached to your energy field
  • Lifts your energy vibration to assist your overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, giving you a deeper sense of relaxation and a feeling of inner peace
  • Stimulates and boosts your immune system



You may feel

  • Lighter, more energised and de-stressed
  • Taller and straighter in the spine
  • Overwhelming gratitude
  • Increased self-confidence and self-worth
  • Improved sleep patterns and overall health condition
  • And with regular treatments, a deeper spiritual understanding of yourself, your life situation and life purpose.